My daily commute to Java


For whatever reason, my taste buds changed at some point this year. Up until I flew back to Korea for our second year here (Carolyn was already back. Our vacation dates didn’t line up perfectly, and for that matter she was visiting family in New York and I was visiting family in Texas anyhow…it was a lonely vacation.) I enjoyed a diet coke every morning when I woke up. After I got back, I don’t know what did it, the cold ass winter here in Korea, the major lifestyle changes we started making to lose weight, get fit, and increase our health, or what, but I stopped enjoying my diet coke in the morning and started enjoying a nice cup of coffee. What happens when that hot, dark, earthy goodness touches my lips is magic.


When I have my first sip, I’m back on an Air Asia flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia bound for Bali, Indonesia. Looking out the window I can see the tops of the mountains that crown the islands of Indonesia poking through the clouds. It’s actually pretty similar to Bali Hai from South Pacific what with the islands’ heads poking out from low lying clouds and all. Another sip or two and I’m back in the cafe at the Island Hotel in Legian Beach, enjoying a fresh cup of Java, grown on the neighboring island of you guessed it, Java. It’s the cup of coffee at the top of the page here, and it’s good.


So yeah, the ordinary, everyday cup of coffee I have after I wake up and dust the crap out of my eyes takes me on a magical mystery tour. It’s ridiculous, every time I stand at the grocery store staring at the bags of coffee from Kenya, Colombia, and Java I remember sitting on a creaky wooden longtail boat with Carolyn after some amazing diving staring at the big shadow of Java on the horizon. How lucky am I to have been the places I’ve been with Carolyn over the past couple of years? A few years ago I would have boasted about it not being luck at all but rather constant positioning…but that’s a load of crap. I’m blessed all around with a wonderful lady, some great memories, and a cool flashback to a magical, beautiful place every time I brew a cup of coffee…and I do that every freaking day.

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