Warm blast from the past – The Bahamas

It is probably as cold as that ninth circle of hell Dante wrote about. When I wake up in the morning I check the weather immediately after turning the alarm on my iPod off, and today it told me that not only was it cold in our drafty ass old Korean apartment but that it was only 9 degrees Fahrenheit outside. NINE degrees. It never got that cold here last year, and from what I understand South Korea is having it’s coldest winter in 45 years. That means that I’ve got to do everything I can mentally and physically to stay warm.

You see, the icy walk (literally, it’s like crossing a glacier) to get to the grocery store is far more worth it when you’re going to get coconut milk to make that awesome green curry you ate in Thailand this summer. If you’re stuck sitting in a drafty office, it makes sense to use the computer you’re huddled in front of to look at pictures you took somewhere far warmer than the frozen tundra of your frostbitten neighborhood where you are now. That lead me to find these old photos I took back in 2007 on my first solo trip to the super remote and far away country of The Bahamas (if you can’t pick up on the sarcasm about The Bahamas being a far away and remote country you should get your sarcasm-meter adjusted.)

Here’s the relevant details about this trip. At the time I was a stock broker, and I was hopelessly obsessed with scuba diving. I wanted to try a live-aboard dive trip, and the only one I could even dream that I could afford was this “camping at sea” adventure out of Grand Bahama. I booked it, packed, and flew off to The Bahamas for a week. It was cheap. It wasn’t that nice, but I didn’t expect it to be. The diving was great, and I made some great friends that I’m still in touch with on the trip. I had such a great time that I quit my job to be a scuba instructor 3 weeks or so later. That financially calamitous gutsy move found me in Florida for six months, Hawaii for another six months, and then back to Florida for two more years. I completely, 100%, fell out of love with diving, burned the obsession to the ground, and met the most wonderful woman on Earth. As you might gather, we moved to Korea shortly thereafter (where it is currently very, very cold), and now we’re going to get married and travel to Europe and start a glamorous new life filled with puppies and kittens and babies and stuff. This trip is really where the whole thing started, and looking at the photos I took before utterly ruining my poor camera halfway through the trip makes me feel just a little bit warmer than I would staring out the window.

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2 comments on “Warm blast from the past – The Bahamas

  1. Francis on said:

    I remember tHe Bahamas. Did I dive with you during that trip?