It’s the final countdown: 7 weeks until Korea is in the past (for us)

This was our first view of Korea after 24 hours of travel from the US. The dorms at Pukyong National University.

This was our first view of Korea after 24 hours of travel from the US. The dorms at Pukyong National University.

I have a strange thing about square numbers. I like them, a lot. As of tomorrow, we have 49 days left in Korea. 49 is a perfectly square number. 49 divided by 7 is 7. That means that 7 days times 7 weeks is 49 days. We have only seven weeks remaining here in Korea. Add in that one of those weeks will be spent in Hong Kong, and we only have six weeks left in Korea. Korea is going to remain a special place for us. We got engaged in Korea (on our way to Bali, but in Korea), we both gained a lot of confidence, and we changed our lifestyle for the better in a big way.

Longtail boats on West Railay Beach

If you told me two years ago I would so much as step on this beach, I’d have called you a liar!

Let’s have a look at the awesome things we’ve done since moving to Korea

  • Dude, we lived in Korea.
  • We’ve climbed a couple of mountains
  • We’ve visited Buddhist temples
  • We’ve experienced the organized and passionate thrill of a Korean baseball game
  • We’ve seen tons and tons of cherry blossoms in the springtime
  • I’ve had my first real winters
  • We went to Bali, despite the unreasonable fears of our families, and had a hell of an adventure
  • We’ve learned how to make some amazing Christmas memories half a world away from Christmas
  • We ran a 10k race
  • We saw the 2011 taekwondo world championships
  • We spent two weeks in Thailand and had an amazing time with the happiest people on Earth
  • We turned right around and went to Japan 
  • I’ve learned how to abuse bulleted lists in lieu of writing real posts.

So yeah, we’ve done quite a lot of cool stuff since we moved to Korea. To be honest, that list is just what I can remember at the moment, and we’ve done so much more than I ever imagined we would do during our time here. That said, there’s quite a few things that didn’t happen the way I thought they would when we moved here. There’s quite a bit of stuff that we didn’t do while we were here that I imagined we would before we came. I don’t regret any of it, but, uh, oops.

Busan is a really nice city, and it was fun to get to see it from a tourist's perspective...even if it was a bit cold.

I think I’ll remember standing at the edge of the Sea of Japan and looking at this bridge one day as I look at the Brooklyn Bridge.

Here’s some stuff that didn’t happen while we lived in Korea

  • We speak very little Korean. Not much beyond, “Hello, good bye, where is the bathroom?”
  • I still haven’t eaten a Banh Mi sandwich in Vietnam
  • We haven’t been to Singapore
  • We did not see the Great Wall of China
  • We haven’t fallen in love with K-pop
  • We don’t love kimchi

The good news in all of this is that the list of “dones” is much longer than the list of “didn’t dos.” That’s something to feel good about, isn’t it?

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