Food I would fly to, right now.


This is a mangosteen. It is the queen of fruits. Its delicate white flesh literally melts in your mouth. It tastes like every fruit you’ve ever enjoyed all mixed together in a punch, and nothing you’ve ever tasted all at the same time. You can’t get them fresh outside of Southeast Asia, and you need a knife to open them up, because that violet-red skin is tough to get into and it’ll stain your fingers. It’s worth all of that, the flight to Southeast Asia, the haggling in the market, finding a knife, and walking around with purple fingers for a day. It’s that good. I’ve written about mangosteen before back when we went to Thailand and all. It’s not the food that this post is about, though.

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This is an gyro platter. This is what I’m craving right now. I want that spongy, spit-roasted meat with its seasoning and grease and fat and oil. I literally dream about that bomb of sodium, fat, and grease that I long to stuff down my maw. I want a fresh salad with vegetables that are crisp, fresh, and not of questionable provenance like the ones I get at the grocery stores here in Korea. That salad needs some fresh olive oil and feta cheese, too. You know what else, that flat bread. I want that flat bread. I mean, I can get some pretty freaking great naan here in Korea, but not that flatbread that comes with every Mediterranean meal. I need a dolma too. I want oily grape leaves wrapped around meat and rice until its a veritable sausage of delightful greasy fatty sodium laced goodness just waiting to burst open between my razor sharp incisors.

So yeah, I would fly across at least one ocean to eat an gyro platter right now. Now, let me add a caveat. I’d prefer to get this all American style, from a Greek diner in Chicago or New York. I know it’s not exactly the same as you’d get in Greece, but I’ve already got plans to go there in just a few months. I want the nasty stuff Carolyn and I used to get from the Parthenon Express or whatever the little dive across the street from our old dive shop was called. That’s what I want right now, and there’s nothing even close to that in my little corner of Asia. I guess I’ll just have to wait.

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  1. Patricia Windus on said:

    Soon you will be where you can get all the food that you want. See you soon.