How the rich people fly

Today we bid Hong Kong farewell. The alarm went off at 4:15am and by 5:05am we were hailing a cab to the airport. When we arrived there were only about 6 people waiting to check in for our Air India flight from Hong Kong to Seoul, but something seemed amiss. Two Korean ladies were told they had to wait two days until the next flight on Air India. I started to get worried, then our ticket agent said “the flight is overbooked, so I’ve upgraded you to business class.” It took both of my hands to hold in my squee at that moment.

I’ve never ever flown in anything but a coach cabin. The coach cabin on the Air India flight to Hong Kong was a bit of a stinky, dingy mess, and there were basically no people on that flight. As the plane was already full from its origin in Delhi, I can only imagine how wonderful it smelled while stuffed with 300 people stuck there for hours and fed a diet of curry and fish. The business class cabin smelled nice, the mood lighting was great, the giant ass TV in the back of the pod in front of me played Austin Powers: Goldmember in stunning detail, and I took the seat all the way to flatbed mode to get my sleep on. It was great. In fact, I can’t think of any better way to end the trip to Hong Kong and make our last flight to Korea a little bit more palatable.









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