We’re moving halfway around the world. In twelve days.

So we’re moving back to the good old United States of America in 12 days. We’re stopping in Tokyo for three days on the way home, but that’s beside the point. It’s kind of funny to remember how completely, insanely, overwhelmingly stressed out we were at this point two years ago when we were just a couple of weeks away from moving to Korea. I’m not at all stressed out like that right now. It’s amazing what solid savings and experience with long haul flights can do for your confidence.

That’s not the point of this though. It’s just that there’s so. much. stuff. to. do. before we can leave. We’ve already set up our pension refunds, grilled the admin offices of our respective schools to ensure that our final payments are made in a timely manner, even booked a hotel room in Tokyo for our stay and shipped our last box of personal items home; but there’s still twelve days worth of clothing that needs to get packed up. I still don’t quite know how we’re going to pack our two laptops, iPad, PS3 (which has been a sanity lifesaver) and all of that other crap so that we’re not TOO disruptive when we go through security in Seoul. I know how we’re going to pay our final bills and when the admin lady from the school is going to come over and take account that I didn’t sell the school’s furniture, but I don’t know that she understands that despite her poor record keeping I’ve never had a microwave.

At this point everything is a small hurdle. Packing will actually be quite easy because we’re not taking any clothes that don’t fit home with us and we’ve both lost a lot of weight. The admin lady speaks enough English and she’s nice enough so the final inspection should be easy. Getting to the airport is no problem. Checking in is no problem. I know that my Alien Registration Card gets to remain behind with the immigration officer when we enter no-man’s-land (that’s what I call it when you’re in the terminal after you’ve cleared immigration) and that from that moment on we won’t be registered aliens anymore.

It feels to me like the three days in Tokyo are going to be the reward for the next 12 days. I bet I’ll sleep really well once we’re clear of Korea. No, I’m not kidding. Our neighbors left their dog alone in their apartment last night, and it’s cries and yelps kept me up way too long.

At any rate, in twelve days we leave here, hang out in Tokyo for a couple days, and then arrive in New York. It’s all hurdles until then, but from that point on it’s going to be a lot of awesome.
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