Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego the primate?

I think it’s been nearly two weeks, maybe more since I’ve updated the blog, and what a whirlwind it’s all been. At the moment I’m sitting in my soon to be mother in law’s living room typing up this short little update on my iPad because my computer is a little too bulky for the living room and power adapters and such need to be changed back to the US configuration. Time is of the essence right now, so the blog has taken a back seat to other important things like acquiring the things we need for the wedding, enjoying being around family, and eating everything that looks delicious. As we’re planning to move to New York this summer, you might imagine our plates are a bit on the full side while we’re here, figuring out where things are and such.

TL;DR: life is a little bit of a mess right now.

What I can tell you about the past couple weeks right now is this:

Less than 12 hours after leaving our jobs in Korea for the last time, we were sitting in Incheon international airport waiting for a flight to Tokyo. We were overjoyed to find that Tokyo’s Narita international airport has baggage storage services, so we only lugged what we really needed into the city, and then spent the rest of the afternoon and evening resting because life after an overnight bus ride is basically crap. We enjoyed the rest of our three day stay in Tokyo, filled up on the delicious foods of Japan, and hopped an Air Canada flight back to New York.

We couldn’t sit next to each other on the long haul from Tokyo to Toronto, which sucked, but going through customs and immigration in Toronto instead of in Houston is a much more pleasant experience, so I guess it’s a good trade. Since arriving in New York we’ve gotten phones, eaten lots of good stuff, visited with family, and done some wedding planning stuff that had to be done. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll find the missing piece of a suit I’ve totally fallen in love with and I’ll have a full set (I got all of the bits I need for the wedding today…just need the matching jacket now.)

Tuesday we are going to fly down to San Antonio to see my family and get ready for the wedding and honeymoon, and I think at that point I’ll be able to go through my photos from Tokyo, write down a decent set of thoughts that are far better organized than this stream of consciousness word vomit, and get back up to speed with more regular posts.

TL;DR: it turns out moving half way around the world will make blogging difficult.

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2 comments on “Where in the world is Carmen SanDiego the primate?

  1. woofmutt on said:

    “Typing up this short little update on my iPad because my computer is a little too bulky for the living room…”

    Dang! I’d heard apartments in NY were small, I had no idea how small.

    • Charlie on said:

      It wouldn’t be so bad if we didn’t have two years worth of luggage with us. It’s a big enough place to live, just not for three people and three large pieces of luggage.