New York, New York

After our three days in Tokyo we packed everything up, took the Sky Access train back to Narita, and checked in for our already delayed Air Canada flight to New York with a connection in Toronto.

We are disappoint.

Okay, I have to rant for a second here. I understand that airlines need to overbook flights or else risk losing money (how about having a cancellation policy that ensures customers have a reason to show up to fly instead?) and what not, but we bought two tickets on this flight months ago and we were separated. A couple traveling together on an intercontinental flight should be able to sit together when the tickets were purchased at the same time amirite? Anyhow, despite the fact that there were a few open seats on the plane and the entire row in front of me was empty we were separated by two sets of arms, legs, eyes, ears, and noses. But those body parts were all Canadian so everyone was very understanding and kind. #canadiansaresonice

Fortress USA!

My last experience entering the U.S. (Houston’s Bush Intercontinental Airport) was terrible. Lots of yelling and screaming from the TSA agents, lots of questions from the customs/immigration agents (I totally understand that part, but the TSA people were beyond rude) and a tight connection. This time was much easier. Apparently when entering the US from Toronto you go through US customs and stuff in Canada. Our flight arrived late, and the process had us quite worried about making our connection to New York. While the process was overall a circus it was polite and nice and easy. Our flight from Toronto to NYC was delayed, so making the connection was no problem.

At “home” in NEW YORK CITY

About 45 minutes after we were off the plane we were safely in the home of Carolyn’s mother where we’d be based for the week. It was great to be home. New York is where we ideally would like to make our home when we get back from all of this wedding and honeymoon malarkey stuff, so it was great to spend a week getting to know the city on a different level than when we visited two years ago. Do I want to make a life in the big city now? Yes.

At any rate, there isn’t much great storytelling to be done about our nearly two weeks in New York, other than the food is delicious, the people are friendly, I bought a suit and our niece is the cutest almost-two-year-old on the planet. I did take some pictures though.

sex The Primate and the City: A photo essay by me

…and then we were in Texas.

We didn’t get nearly enough of New York, and I’m looking forward to getting to know this city on a much deeper level. I’m also aware that living in New York might cause my waistline to do a little bit of expansion. What a diverse and delicious place to be.





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2 comments on “New York, New York

  1. Patricia Windus on said:

    Glad you enjoyed your time here in New York. I really enjoyed our time together and hope for more of the same. Love you both.