Oops…we haven’t checked in.

Originally, Carolyn and I both intended to keep up with our blogs fairly regularly during this awesome honeymoon through Europe, but the reality of the situation is this: the wifi in our hotel in Florence simply didn’t work, the price for internet connection in our hotel in Rome was laughably expensive, and at this point we’ve enjoyed not blogging long enough to “just do it when we get home because that will be easier anyway.”

Let me catch you up with a one sentence description of where we’ve been since I last posted:

Marseille, France: Our first good taste of the Mediterranean, but what is with the specific mealtimes for ordering items from a menu, anyway (I WANT A CROQUE-MONSIEUR NOW!)?

Florence, Italy: HOLY RENAISSANCE BATMAN. Also nomnomnomnomnomnomnom ribolita nomnomnomnomnomnmnomnom zuppa di ceci nomnomnomnomnomnomnom.

Rome, Italy: It’s strange to think that the altar piece in St. Peter’s is made out of bronze plundered from the Pantheon, oh, and those stones you’re stepping on used to be the cladding on the Colosseum…and where did all of the ding-dings on the statues go, and why? (We know the answers to these questions.) Cacio e pepe is now my favorite pasta dish ever.

Naples, Italy: Pizza and short train rides to other cities to avoid being run over by fearless vespa drivers.

In a couple of days we’re heading over to Greece and hopefully we’ll finally slow down the pace of sight-seeing and increase the pace of enjoying-an-ocean-view-with-a-bottle-of-wine a bit. That sounds nice.

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